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The Short Version: On Speed Dating is a privately owned speed dating service connecting singles in New York City and Austin, Texas.

This top-rated company made its name in 2008 by organizing themed events for specific types of daters who desire particular types of partners.

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“We started just selfishly organizing events for what we liked — because we wanted to use the events to meet people for ourselves,” Amber told us.

“I liked guys with accents, so we did a ‘Men with Accents Are Hot’ event.

Carmine liked teachers so we did ‘Hot for Teacher.’ And it just spread like wildfire.” Soon On Speed Dating had established a reputation for hosting themed speed dating events to address common deal-breakers, including height requirements, wanting kids, political views, body types, professions, and hobbies.

On Speed Dating events let daters be honest about what they’re looking for, and NYC singles flocked to these imaginative and fun-filled gatherings.

The fireman trivia game has proven a lot of fun for singles because it gives women a reason to approach a hot firefighter with a pre-scripted conversation topic, and it allows the men to be the expert and explain the nuances of their job to women who are interested in dating firemen.

“Our parties are themed on a larger scale,” Amber said.New Yorkers Amber Soletti and Carmine Di Re were both single in 2008 when they started going to speed dating events around town.They hoped to meet someone attractive and available but found themselves continually disappointed by the random caliber of attendees sitting across from them.All attendees provide feedback on their dates as well, noting on their scorecards why they’re interested or not interested.Taking all that information, the On Speed Dating team writes constructive dating advice so singles can gain insight into what they’re doing right and wrong. “One woman in her 20s found out that most men thought she was significantly older than she was because of her mannerisms and the way she dressed.” On Speed Dating hires mostly singles to host its themed dating events and bring people together in a fun atmosphere.Because the speed dating events were open to anyone within a certain age range, Amber ended up talking to many men who were not her type.

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