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This causes the data points to separate from each other.

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Unlike many other animated movies, this one doesn't shy away from sexuality, either: Alien couples kiss several times, a female admires her boyfriend's body, several characters comment on a "nerdy" character's beautiful wife, and online dating is even referenced.

he generally accepted age for the Earth and the rest of the solar system is about 4.55 billion years (plus or minus about 1%).

This lower limit is at least concordant with the independently derived figure of 4.55 billion years for the Earth's actual age.

The most direct means for calculating the Earth's age is a Pb/Pb isochron age, derived from samples of the Earth and meteorites.

Although the alien mother proves she still has all the same skills she had as when she worked full time, there are still three separate derogatory references to her having given up her career as a BASA supervisor.

Words like "idiot," "stupid," "chick," "loser," "Little Miss Housewife," etc.The general plans to use an alien energy source to destroy planets.At least four kisses, three references to online dating and flirting, continuous jokes about how a "nerd" was able to "score" or "hook up" or "land" such an attractive wife, and one off-putting moment when a female alien stares longingly at her boyfriend and says "looking good." Several insults and put-downs to mission control engineers and "nerds" in general, as well as stay-at-home moms.Lastly, families sensitive to consumerism should know that there are parts of the movie that seem practically like a commercial for 7-Eleven." /The story does have some positive messages about the importance of family, what it means to display courage under fire, and why it's necessary to do everything possible to stop the rise of tyranny.This movie at times seems like 7-Eleven commercial.

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