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She sighed again and softly moaned, savoring the thought of what she knew would come next.

With a contented sigh, she cupped her double D cup breasts in her hands, roughly squeezing her flesh and tweaking each long nipple.

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Falling to the Wall and kissing my nipple teasing it as she stroked my nipple gently..

tugging my vagina.’I want this..’ she moaned,twisting. And kissing my breast softly..stroking..nipple as she squeezed my breasts tightly.kissing..tenderly.

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She went over to the shades and flung the curtains open.

I was still tired but the sight of her and that luscious body got me going.

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Dan and Debs were stood in the doorway of the bedroom, I had just made love to Dans wife Claire and we were both laying naked on the bed with Claire stroking my now flaccid cock.

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