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In order to call abroad, users need to dial 00 before the country code.For instance, to call Vancouver, Canada, from Kyiv, users dial 00 1 778 xxx xxxx.Calling nationwide requires dialing 0 and then the region code followed by the local number.

Mobile users must dial the full 0-prefixed number, although operators may implement local dialing in cities.

The in-country sequence for ordinary zones consists of a 2-digit zone code, an optional subzone code (never used for the capital of the geographic region corresponding to a phone zone), an optional filler (0 to 2 "2"s, used to make the whole in-country sequence contain exactly 9 digits) and the local phone number (5 to 7 digits).

So what if you need to find a phone number for a person? From the gool old standby, Google to more obscure (and focused) websites like Zabasearch, check out this list for websites and suggestions on ways to find the phone numbers you're seeking.

Google makes it easy to look up a phone number, and you can even track down a name, address, email address, and recent personal updates, all in the same place.

Used to be if you needed to find a phone number, you picked up the phone book for your area and thumbed through the listings until you found what you needed.

These days, those phone books exist in a much smaller format, and in most places include only landline phone numbers or even only business phone numbers. We have the top eight ways you can find a phone number online.

For example, to call a Chernihiv local landline number from Kiev, one needs to dial 0, wait for a dial tone and then dial 46 (Chernivtsi regional code) and then dial the local number in that city.

Similarly, when calling Vancouver, Canada, one needs to dial 0, wait for the dial tone, dial another 0 to access international line, then dial 1 (for Canada and the USA), followed by 778 (one of the area codes for British Columbia), followed by the 7-digit local number.

Area codes correspond to geographic regions ("oblasts") with exception of Kyiv and formerly Sevastopol which utilize their own area code. Cell phone numbers can be assigned both within the cell phone provider zone and within a geographic zone.

The latter arrangement is used mainly for CDMA phones and for GSM operators selling their connectivity within one city, like Golden Telecom GSM.

from Kyivi to Kiev), so one cannot dial 0~2 or 0~xx for this, unless the phone exchange is misconfigured or a special circumstance occurs.

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