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The city council shall provide the conditions for such joint use and determine the compensation.

A franchised utility may be required by the City to permit joint use of property by other utilities when practical and on the payment of reasonable rental.

It shall be published once in the Petoskey News-Review between July 10 and July 24, 1984.

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A long-term franchise may be granted for four (4) to thirty (30) years but must be approved at a regular or special election by three-fifths of the voters voting on it at such election.

In case of delinquency, the lien shall be enforced, either by addition to the next City property tax billing, or by suit.

The library commission shall make an annual report to the city council at a time specified by the city manager indicating the condition of the library.

The library commission shall have care, custody, control, and management of the public library, together with all buildings containing the same, and may employ all necessary personnel.

Before a special election is called to approve a franchise, the grantee shall pay to the city treasurer the expense of the election as determined by the city council.

No long-term franchise shall be ordained by the city council for referral to the electorate until thirty (30) days after application has been filed with the city council, until a public hearing has been held on the matter, and until the grantee has filed with the city clerk an unconditional acceptance of all the terms of such a franchise.

The city council shall provide for the punishment by fine or imprisonment, or both, of any person who, without license, shall exercise any occupation or trade, or do anything for which a license is required.

Existing Franchises, Contracts, Licenses, and Permits. The city council shall prescribe by ordinance the terms and conditions on which licenses may be granted or revoked regulating businesses, trades, and occupations.

Every public utility shall pay such part of the cost of maintaining streets and public places as shall arise from its use of them, and shall keep the City harmless from damages arising from their use.

Every public utility franchise shall be subject to the right of the City to use, control, and regulate the use of its streets, alleys, bridges, and public places, and the space above and beneath them.

The filing of a referendum petition shall suspend effectiveness of the ordinance in question until the issue is determined. The result shall be determined by a majority vote of the voters voting thereon, except in cases where otherwise required by the general laws of the State of Michigan. An ordinance adopted by the electorate through initiative proceedings may not be amended or repealed for a period of two (2) years after the date of the election at which it was adopted. The fiscal year of the City shall begin January 1 and end December 31. The resolution shall state the estimated cost of the improvement, what portion of the cost shall be paid by special assessments, what part, if any, shall be a general obligation of the City, the number of installments in which the assessment may be paid, and shall designate the district or premises on which special assessments shall be levied.

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