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In addition to the four dimensions of personality type, you might also want to consider the Big Five personality traits—openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism.

Admittedly, most people probably won’t be flaunting their neuroticism in their profiles (i.e., “I love taking long walks on the beach and then freaking out that I’m going to get a third-degree sunburn that will develop into an inoperable melanoma, resulting in my slow and agonizing death”).

Project Evolove, a dating site that employs both Myers Briggs personality typing and an assessment of what it terms “dating instincts,” explains a common theory about which personality types are most compatible in dating.

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Agreeableness is another facet of personality that can be hard to accurately read from an online profile.

If we were all as “chill” and “easy to get along with” as we claim to be online, then instead of wars we’d have dance-offs and rap battles to settle international conflicts. You’ll just have to wait until you’ve been on a few dates with the person to figure out their levels of neuroticism and agreeableness.

Artisans (SP) – Despite the name, not all Artisans spend their days creating their own Sistine Chapels—although some certainly do—and people of this temperament can be found in medical assistant positions, in schools, in restaurants, and as contractors.

Artisans tend to live in the present and be spontaneous, so pictures of their sky-diving excursions might appear, along with a passion for sports and other athletic pursuits.

Now, it can be tricky to glean a full four-letter pesonality type from an online profile, so for our purposes we’re only going to look at the four main temperaments—Idealists (NF), Rationals (NT), Guardians (SJ), and Artisans (SP)—and what sort of things to expect in their written profiles, as well as their pictures.

Idealists (NF) – These individuals might have careers in non-profits, counseling, teaching, writing, sociology, and other areas that allow them to employ their intuition, empathy, faith in humanity, and general cuddliness.They are likely to have opinions, which they often enjoy defending to the death (I’m looking at you, ENTPs).Thus, mentions of philosophical or political theories and ideals often pop up in their profiles or in early conversations, as does their desire to discuss, analyze, debate, and sometimes even change their minds about the issues at hand.The Feeling/Thinking dimension is the one area in which mixing or matching is considered equally likely to result in success.Of course, these are not unbreakable rules, just some guidelines to get you thinking about what you are looking for.The key to success in both ice cream purchasing and online dating is to have an idea of what you want in advance.

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