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I can't live without it in my job and personal life where I have a zillion passwords to remember.

If you want photofiltre to be portable, download the french zip and then add the english language file The best site I have found for portable freeware is

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This thread is here to discuss your favourite free applications and utilities for Microsoft Windows.

The Freeware wiki entry provides a great starting point if you're interested in seeing what is recommended by Whirlpool users, as does part 1 of this thread. Firefox - browsing Winamp (v5.1 portable version) - audio player with ipod support7Zip - compression MP3Tag (portable) - MP3 tagging Keepass (portable) - password management Photo Filtre (portable) - basic graphics manipulation Easily the best I have found of late is Keepass.

is ok but I don't really like their packaging and splash screens on the apps. Jaekel/After having Windows stop copying files because it couldn't copy one out of several thousand I went looking to see if my favourite Linux file utility had a Windows port.

Cacheman XP is a Windows tuneup utility designed to improve the speed and stability of your computer by optimizing caches, recovering RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings.

Settings are now displayed in tabs in the main interface, instead of on a single page with next and prev buttons.

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