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I was even offering accept their charge for a solution with the caveat that it should come with a 1 year warranty, bit again NO RESPONSE. It is just my frustration hoping against hope still.

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No comment from the company as to when the issue might be resolved or what they plan to do with the millions of phones already sold. Tagged as: Samsun complaint department, samsung address, samsung consumer complaints, samsung corporate address, samsung corporate office headquarters, samsung customer complaints, samsung headquarters, samsung home office, samsung main office, samsung office address, samsung office email, samsung office fax, samsung office phone, samsung office phone number I have never seen such a terrible product…

Samsung headquarters in the US are located in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. Answer 1: The phone number for Samsung is (201) 229-4000. I purchased 4 new appliances for our kitchen and it has taken over a month to get all working .

Samsung started to globalize in the 1990s and electronics have become its principal income source.

Samsung now has several large subsidiaries, most notably Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest information technology company, Samsung Heavy Industries, which is the world’s second-largest shipbuilder, and Samsung Engineering, which is the world’s 13th largest construction company.

THE MODEL NUMBER IS RS25J500DSR/AA The Salesman or managers at Best Buy did not know there was such a product We would have paid more for illumination and a proper catch basin .

If you are aware of a tool or light that can be added it would make us happy with the product. Reply I am having an issue with my Samsung refrigerator (Model RF263BEAESR) bought April 2016.

One will never work it is a terrible product that should NEVER been put on the market for sale to the general public and that is the model RS25J500DSR/BY 24.5 CF side by side refrigerator .

There is no illumination in the display that can be seen.

Their accredited installers and service companies send new and unexperienced so-called technicians everytime that obviously know nothing but their go-to solution to every problem of reprocessing (of freon) and electronic board replacement -which cost so much money for a duration that lasts just about the time the warranty of the “repair” expires.

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