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The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has recently announced new passport rules in India for the year 2018.

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Since 2012, passports have a clear barcode, which upon scanning gives the details to the immigration officials.

It is a measure taken to not to reveal much information than required.

Besides this, there are provisions for spiritually oriented individuals (Sadhus/Sanyasis).

They can mention their spiritual leader’s name rather than the name of their biological parent.

This is an interesting rule implemented after considering the changing communal norms.

If a government employee is not able to acquire his/her identity certificate or NOC (no objection certificate) for an urgent passport from his/her employers, then a self-declaration can be submitted.

According to the proposed changes, even the parent's name will not be printed on the last page of the passport.

The MEA has been assessing submissions that in case of “names of estranged mother/father” and “kids of single parents” need not be printed on the passport.

However, the current rule has been changed and all the annexes are now a self-declaration form.

This measure is taken to save the time of running from one place to the other for an attestation.

The major changes that are already in effect and a few that will soon come into effect are listed below.

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