Pagdating sa guam

On February 22, 1565 the expedition reached the island of Samar and made a blood compact with Datu Urrao.

The Spaniards then proceeded to Limasawa and were received by Datu Bankaw, then to Bohol, where they befriended Datu Sikatuna (or Catunao On April 27, 1565, the expedition returned to Cebu and landed there.

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After obtaining peace with various indigenous nations and kingdoms, Miguel López de Legazpi made Manila the capital of the Spanish East Indies in 1571.

In 1528, Hernán Cortés established settlements in North America and López de Legazpi traveled to Mexico (New Spain) to start a new life.

Landing in Batangas with a force of 120 Spaniards, de Goiti explored the Pansipit River, which drains Taal Lake. Legazpi wanted to use Manila's harbor as a base for trade with China.

However, the Rajah's ally in northern shores of Manila Bay, historically known as the young Bambalito of Macabebe, asked Rajah Soliman (Old Ache) to revoke his alliance with the Spaniards.

This was due to the death of his parents and his dissatisfaction with his eldest sibling, who inherited the family fortune.

In Tlaxcala, he worked with Juan Garcés and Juan's sister, Isabel Garcés.

López de Legazpi established a settlement there on June 24, 1571, and he also ordered the construction of the walled city of Intramuros.

He proclaimed the town as the island's capital, and the seat of the Spanish government in the East Indies.

The following year he followed Goiti and Salcedo in Manila, after hearing that the villages had been conquered.

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