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Before she finalized the test she examined carefully if the test items were constructed based on the competencies that have to be tested. The letter should inform one's friend about what one has learned in the day's lesson and how one felt about it. The school principal has 3 teacher applicants all of whom graduated from the same institution and are licensed teachers. What should she do to choose the best teacher from the three? Even those who are evidently poor in their performance had a rating of satisfactory. No, Magna Carta for Public School Teachers states that in the exigencies of service, any teacher may be required to render more than six hours and n ot more than eight hours of actual classroom teaching a day. Teacher L, a graduate of BSEd with majorship in Mathematics teaches in a national high school in her province. Velasco, a schools' division superintendent acted on the complaint filed by a group of parents against the alleged misconduct of a particular teacher. One of them is the challenge to an individual how he or she can adapt to the changing world without forgetting or turning his/her back from the past. Cartilla developed an Achievement Test in Math for her grade three pupils. Cidro required the students to construct friendly letter and have it encoded at their Computer Laboratory using the MS Word. Pontipedra who asked her pupils to construct any word problem that involves the four fundamental operations then formed them by twos so that each pair exchanged problems and help solve each other's problem. After using this rubric with these descriptions, she found out that most of her students had a rating of 3. Santos is a holder of a valid certificate of eligibility as a teacher issued by the Civil Service Commissioner and the then DECS, while Mr. Who is allowed to practice the teaching profession in the Philippines? According to the Delors report, there are a number of main tensions central to the problems of the twenty first century that we need to overcome.It’s never good to see relatives fighting each other. A “last will and testament,” or simply a “will,” is “an act whereby a person is permitted, with the formalities prescribed by law, to control to a certain degree the disposition of his estate”.

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Bacani prepared a rubric with 5 levels of performance described in 5-excellent, 4-very satisfactory, 3-satisfactory, 2 needs improvement, 1-poor.

The settlement of a person’s estate after his/her death, based on our experience, is potentially one of the more bitter litigations.

The testator or the person requested by him to write his name and the instrumental witnesses of the will, shall also sign, as aforesaid, each and every page thereof, except the last, on the left margin, and all the pages shall be numbered correlatively in letters placed on the upper part of each page.

The attestation shall state the number of pages used upon which the will is written, and the fact that the testator signed the will and every page thereof, or caused some other person to write his name, under his express direction, in the presence of the instrumental witnesses, and that the latter witnessed and signed the will and all the pages thereof in the presence of the testator and of one another. Every will must be acknowledged before a notary public by the testator and the witnesses.

The proceedings in the absence of a will is called “intestate proceedings.” What is “probate”?

“Probate” is a special proceeding to establish the validity of a will.A will may be probated during the lifetime of the testator.This way, the testator could himself/herself affirm the validity of the will. It is a special proceeding to establish the validity of a will previously proved in a foreign country.A will enables a person to have control over the disposition of his/her estate.In the absence of a will, the general provisions of law govern the disposition of the estate of the deceased person.Can the heirs of the deceased person refuse to produce the will?

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