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The problem I'm having is that (and it's completely possible I'm miss-understanding this and I'll be happy to be corrected) is that people like those represented in these posters don't make that separation.

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I have a friend whose bottle collection count is currently somewhere around the 300 mark; fortunately for me, he likes to share and is a big fan of my homemade pastries.

They require the labels even to the point of making them up because they want to feel like they're an authority on that particular topic simply because they "are" X.

It's a symptom of the "Oh, he's X so he must know the most about it and I shouldn't question it no matter what" mentality. It doesn't mean certain traits aren't still considered masculine or feminine, and that's where they fuck it up, because they go backwards, to Feminine = Woman and Masculine = Man which is as you might expect a load of crap.

Which, like you said, is a sign of not growing the fuck up. I'm not sure I'm understanding what you are saying, but my problem is that if neither men nor women should be limited to gender roles (like a guy should be allowed to wear a dress / cook in the kitchen if he wants) then why do people who break those gender roles need their own sexuality? It's somewhat as /u/qwints suggests; people like those in the posters in the OP appear to be confusing, and enforcing, gender roles and then confusing this with some sort of gender identity.

Sexuality is what kinds of people you want to have sex with and isn't really relevant here. Some people identify as a gender that doesn't match the one they were assigned at birth.

Gender roles are the idea of masculine or feminine activities and attitudes (think football player versus cheerleader). It isn't that they want to do to things that gender roles assign to the another gender, it's that they feel that they that other gender.

I'm a tomboy, I play and watch sports, I like beer and computer games and trash-talking with the guys, and enough of the people I interact with have drunk at least a little of the SJW kool-aid that there have been times when I wonder if I "present as female" at all or if I'm really trans-something. Almost as if the SJW society were pressuring me to conform to a gender role or something. This is the question of gender essentialism, and it's the source of some of the most vitriolic infighting among feminists. Basically, one side wants to talk about how women as a class are oppressed while the other says that defining women as a class that excludes transwomen is itself oppressive. They only care what is more political correct or helps their agenda. They contradict themselves from slide to slide in lecture and talk about things as if we're still living in the 1950s. I am an engineer and voluntarily chose a class about identity issues...

It's the same logic I've seen with the Health At Every Size people. I, too, noticed that they are not consistent at all.

I own a lot of beer, though not compared to many people I know.

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