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Within the School of Geography and the Environment, the OLD Laboratory provides support particularly for the Landscape Dynamics research cluster, with a specific focus on low latitude environment and climate change, geoarchaeology and geomorphology.

In addition our researchers continuously engage in efforts to improve and develop the methodology and to further advance our knowledge on the fundamental physical mechanisms underlying the dating method.

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In this paper, quartz single aliquot regenerative optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating with high resolution sampling was firstly applied to coastal aeolian sand in China for the Anshan (SHA) section (24°36′32.7″ N, 118° 39′ 20.3″ E) near the Anshan archaeological site along the Jinjiang coast, southeast Fujian.

Through grain-size analysis, we assume that the SHA section demonstrates typical coastal aeolian sand characteristics, and affected by the blowout and chemical weathering after coastal sand deposited, the grain size parameter and content of different sizes of fraction have a large change, the grain size become coarser, the sorting for worse.

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