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Whether you are looking for self-serve adult toys and products or wish to use a product as a couple, Jack and Jill staff members are experts when it comes to giving you the best advice.

Every purchase from our shop is guaranteed with our discreet shipping policy. Rabbit style toys usually vibrate, rotate, and have two main parts.

Jack and Jill understands the desire to enhance pleasure, whether you are playing by yourself or with somebody else.

Many of the top porn stars of the past […]Read More If you and your partner are exploring pegging for the first time, the toys you use matter a lot.

You don’t want just any strap-on harness and dildo.

What most people know about their sex toy includes how to turn it on and how to use it to get themselves off.

There’s nothing wrong if that’s all you know and all you want to know.

Masturbators and fleshlights are also great sexual aids for men.

These toys come in a variety of shapes — anuses, vaginas, or mouths. We’ve got sex swings, vibrators controlled by a mobile app, we-vibe, vibrating rings, fetish gear, sexy books, bondage toys, and more.

Different kind of chat rooms have been classified as Tamil, Kerala, Malayan, Kids and Teen chat rooms.

All these chat rooms have features like audio, video, and webcam functionality and sharing gift between friends.

– The best-selling sex toys for couples will probably be a tie between the We-Vibe and a vibrating cock ring.

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