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In several cases, predators have traveled to meet children or sent them bus tickets or money to cover travel costs.

Sometimes it is difficult for children to understand that their online actions can have real world consequences. They can post pictures of themselves or their friends engaged in illegal activities like drinking or taking drugs.

They have a strong desire for attention, validation, and affection.

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Unfortunately, sexual predators can target children online while maintaining relative anonymity.

The nature of online interaction allows predators to hide their identity, age, and intentions.

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Children may also be hesitant to tell a trusted adult if they are approached in an inappropriate way or are scared by something they encounter online, because they fear losing their Internet privileges or worry about being called a "tattletale.”Parents, guardians, and educators need to supervise children and help them learn how to behave and interact with others online.

Be intentional – discuss online safety regularly with your child.

It is common now for schools, colleges and employers to screen online websites and search for information about students, admission applicants, and job seekers.

Children of all ages have a lack of emotional maturity that can make them more susceptible to manipulation, intimidation, and victimization.

He or she may initiate offline sexual relations quickly or spend months "grooming" the child toward a sexual relationship.

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