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Mr Stockwell added: “The defendant’s daughters are in court. The defendant has cared as best she could for her daughters over time.

The accounts they give is that they have been well-nurtured by this defendant.”He said that Banner had been in trouble before but had never been to prison.“She has had difficulties being the sole carer for four children over time and suffered depression for some time compounded by the death of her best friend, which led her to return to misuse of drugs.”Banner wept as Judge Shant told her that nothing other than a custodial sentence could be passed.

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The Girls Aloud star could be seen sliding her hand down Chad's body as they cuddled up together in a double bed.

Initially the couple were hidden under their duvet, but it was then thrown off and viewers watched as Sarah's hand crept down Chad's torso and stopped on top of Chad's crotch.

The friend of Aaron, of High Wycombe, Bucks, added: "He is a great guy and fell for Sarah for who she is, not the celebrity. He lived at home before but then moved in with her." Sarah has been growing close to the US TV star during their time in the house.

They first kissed two weeks ago before making things official over the weekend and then stunning viewers with their X-rated bedroom encounter.

She said: "The older I get, the more scared I am about the pregnancy situation.

"I just don't want to be too old I can't enjoy it.

He called her later and she told him that he had four hours to pay up £10,000, and if it was not paid in full, his wife would find out.

She also said she would go to the police about them having sex in a public place, adding that she had photographs of the two of them.

But the judge said the sentence was ‘considerably lower’ because of the impact it would have on her daughters if she had to serve a longer sentence.

He supported her going on Celebrity Big Brother and watched nightly.

Information in the Registry may also be disclosed to the following agencies, organizations, or persons: The Registry is prohibited from releasing lists of offenders in response to general questions regarding the whereabouts of sex offenders in a particular community.

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