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The same number believed they were targeted by a large international hacking organisation and almost a quarter (23%) thought that advanced technical skills are needed to carry out a phishing attack.

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Lots of people find it easier or less embarrassing to talk and share images via text, email and instant messaging, as talking about sex and fantasies face-to-face isn’t always that easy (or sexy! But it’s important to know that once you send or upload an image or video, you lose all control over it.

Even if you use apps like Snapchat, everything you share could be sent on or uploaded and potentially seen by anyone, including your friends and family, and total strangers.

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We have all heard horror stories about dating online dating nyc disasters, and you don’ t want to be a victim.

DVLA will send you a V11 reminder as normal approximately 2 weeks before the tax is due to expire.

An investigation by ABC TV’s The Business earlier this year revealed that many casual workers are unable to claim on the policies they are paying for, while many policies do not cover everything that many people would expect them to.“The industry is united in bringing forward to address a series of issues including some people have too many insurance accounts,” Mr Minto told the ABC.“I think all these moves that help benefit members and consumers are to be welcomed.”The working group is scheduled to release its draft code of conduct for superannuation funds later this week.

Pressure for greater disclosure on insurance within superannuation comes as the Federal Government cracks down on the sector to ensure rogue employers pay the correct contributions and moves to shake up the governance of super fund trustees.

To prove that anyone can get phished – and equally that anyone could be behind phishing – Get Safe Online trained a group of nans, dubbed the ‘Scammer Nanas’, to phish their grandkids and dispel the convictions of a quarter of young people (27%) who believe they are too smart to fall for scams.

Five nanas were recruited from across the UK to learn how to perpetrate a phishing email.

With Snapchat people can also take screenshots and capture your image on their phone.

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