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Such assumptions can have physical as well as emotional repercussions.

Her training is based in part on what she calls Neo or California tantra — a Western interpretation of a Tibetan tradition of working with the breath and the physical body to connect to that primal creative energy.

Primal energy is often difficult to tap into, particularly because desire and shame run hand-in-hand.

She realized her relationship was not satisfying to her sexually, and that her body was sending a clear message about her sensual and emotional life.

Her trauma was an experience of being sexually undernourished.

Many Americans still suffer from the Puritanical repression of sexual feelings — and no doubt even the most confident and liberated lover among us has fumbled somewhere along the line in her sexual life.

Yet experts say many people operate under the assumption that everyone else is having great sex, and believe they alone are missing out on fulfillment.

Rather than work solely with a therapist who would analyze her situation and talk her through it, she decided to take a somatic — or body-based — approach to healing.

After a massage therapist helped her release the mysterious cramp in her pelvis, Wu realized its source: She had been carrying sexual trauma in her body for years.

“I didn't know I had trauma, which I thought was due only to rape and molestation,” she says.

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