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The fossils are about 32,000 years old, with the artifacts linked to the Gravettian culture.During the Last Glacial Maximum, along with the northern coast of the Black Sea in general, Crimea was an important refuge from which north-central Europe was re-populated after the end of the Ice Age.

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Even after centuries of Greek and Roman settlement, the Tauri were not pacified and continued to engage in piracy on the Black Sea.

The Crimean Peninsula north of the Crimean Mountains was occupied by Scythian tribes.

The ensuing Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca forced the Sublime Porte to recognize the Tatars of the Crimea as politically independent.

Catherine the Great's incorporation of the Crimea in 1783 from the defeated Ottoman Empire into the Russian Empire increased Russia's power in the Black Sea area.

The Crimea was the first Muslim territory to slip from the sultan's suzerainty.

The Ottoman Empire's frontiers would gradually shrink for another two centuries, and Russia would proceed to push her frontier westwards to the Dniester.

As the Tauri inhabited only mountainous regions of southern Crimea, at first the name Taurica was used only to this southern part, but later it was extended to name the whole peninsula.

Feodosiya and Panticapaeum were established by Milesians.

, "Tauric Peninsula"), begins around the 5th century BC when several Greek colonies were established along its coast.

The southern coast remained Greek in culture for almost two thousand years as part of the Roman Empire (47 BC – 330 AD), and its successor states, the Byzantine Empire (330 AD – 1204 AD), the Empire of Trebizond (1204 AD – 1461 AD), and the independent Principality of Theodoro (ended 1475 AD).

The origins of the Tauri, from which the classical name of Crimea as Taurica arose, are unclear.

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