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He provides his own theory of the Shroud's image formation and his own opinion on its authenticity.He reveals many of the problems and politics he personally encountered while studying the Shroud and discusses the role of religion and science and how each has impacted Shroud research.

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Most importantly, he discusses the possible future for the Shroud itself.

Whether you are a qualified scientist searching for honest answers to serious questions, or simply someone casually interested in this fascinating relic, Rogers' unique perspective, straightforward style and in-depth knowledge will both inform and enlighten you.

Avinoam Danin is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Evolution, Systematics, and Ecology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

For more than 4 decades he has been involved in the identity and distribution of higher plants, microorganisms, other organisms and their relation to the environment.

Wilson describes the research that will play a critical role in this debate.

In The Blood and the Shroud, he introduces information that points to the authenticity of the Shroud.

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Paperback, 235 pages 22 colour, 65 black & white illustrations Public price: 40 Euro, .00 U. As stated in the book's brochure: The discovery of human blood on the Shroud has ignited much of the new controversy.

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