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after few minute nasir looked back and smiled seeing all three and told me to turn the vehicle forest nearby i shocked and stopped the car i guess their is some problem, then salim noded his dead and told me to drive otherwise my wife will be killed now and he kept a knief on her neck.

now situation was totally turned, what we were thought and what is happening, well i was helpless and moved on road as nasir told me.

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i looked at seema she thought and told me that his wife is in trouble we must to help.

i asked few question regarding them and their places but i was self unknown and not knownig the area so what he explained i agreed.

now they were angered on me and told me that i would not go alive.

i told them ” bhai chalo main aapko kisi ATM se paise nikal kar de deta hoon” then salim told” hamko kya chutiya samjhta hai ki hum tujhe lekar road par kayenge aur tu shor macha kar hame pakadwa dega nahin jo dena lena hai wah sab yahin” there was silent for few minutes.

i told her to give the jewellary to them and i also came out.

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