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It was not an easy choice, but she eventually decided that she and Marcos should end their marriage. Nadya did not waste any time starting the IVF treatment, but there were some more bumps in the road.Thankfully, modern medicine has been able to help women get pregnant who in the past would have only a miracle to turn to.Since she already sacrificed her relationship and her money, and she wanted to be a mother badly, she went full speed ahead. In the beginning, all was as normal- just single pregnancies.

So what doctors do is hedge their bets by using a bunch of eggs in the procedure.

This raises the chances that there will be one egg that is successfully fertilized. Nadya did not want to go through the expensive IVF treatment and risk having it not work, as it would leave her wallet empty, with no baby to show for it.

So she and her doctor talked about implanting multiple fertilized eggs in her uterus.

Nadya’s doctor very clearly warned her: IVF done in this way could lead to multiple babies (at the very least, twins).

She only experienced a multiple pregnancy once: fraternal twins.

All in all, she had six children through IVF by the year 2008.After months and months of trying and failing to get pregnant, Nadya and Marcos decided to seek professional help.Unfortunately, doctors found out that Marcos was sterile.A physician helps bring together sperm and egg outside of the bodies of the parents, which can sidestep many of the issues that come with infertility. First, a woman has some of her eggs removed from her body. The eggs will then be screened before adding any sperm to see which are the most healthy and viable.The doctor filters the quality eggs, and then adds sperm to those.This is because, in a test tube, one egg may not be enough to make it work.

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