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While valves remain our preference, many Auditorium Series owners achieve excellent, musically rewarding results with a variety of transistor amplifiers.The venerable Sugden A21, for instance, is a charming, highly capable partner for the Auditorium Series speakers. The speakers are designed to give optimum performance in this configuration, but a single run of high quality cable, such as Kondo KSL SPz (silver), will sound better (though regrettably, not cost less) than bi-wiring with SPc (copper).

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“It no longer really makes sense to talk about the sound itself but rather how absolutely wonderful the music becomes.

I’ve never had such a completely revelatory and unexpected experience in my home audio life.”The Avatar IBX-R3 is a natural evolution of the standard Avatar.

VOX OLYMPIAN HORN LOUDSPEAKERHorns are where it all began, with the very first Living Voice loudspeaker, the Air Partner, which made its public debut to an astonished audience at the 1992 Heathrow Hi Fi Show.

Two decades later, the Vox Olympian horn loudspeaker is the ultimate refinement of our art.

There is a vast legacy of music captured on recordings dating back to the beginning of the last century.

These recordings allow us to see into the times and the minds of the music’s composers and performers with a remarkable sensitivity and clarity.It is of course quite possible to gain highly satisfactory results with less expensive cables. Image Courtesy of Outer Banks Photography by Lisa A Griggs Wilbur and Orville Wright came to the Outer Banks to pursue their dream of powered flight because of the flat, uninhabited land and the steady, prevailing winds.There are many differences and refinements – the most obvious being the employment of the exceptional Scanspeak Revelator high frequency unit.Such refinement means the IBX-R3 is stable, organised and unfatiguing.This is rarely driven primarily by cost or marketing considerations in the conventional sense.

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