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And he said he was looking for someone who would like to go have sex. There was another guy who found out that I taught writing and asked if he could bring me his manuscripts. I’m not sure if that’s really true anymore, though. I asked my husband Jonathan if he was uncomfortable telling people we met online, and he said no. College is a really great meeting ground, and it helped me find my first husband.

He told me he was taking a class at the New School, and I happened to know the teacher. ” And I said, “no, I don’t even know you nor would I want to do that after hours.” Then at the second date, he brought piles and piles of papers for me to read. Most people are more hesitant to talk publicly about their online dating. It’s sort of like what divorce or therapy was years ago, especially in New York. He’s very upfront, which was one of the things I really liked about him. But then as you get older, the pool gets smaller and you have to be really patient. Being a freelance writer for so many years, I’ve gotten a lot of rejection.

In giving dating advice on AARP, are there any common mistakes that you find people are making? But dating is like freelance writing in that you need to keep at it and be persistent. Was there an “ah-ha” moment when you met your husband? He went to law school but didn’t practice law, which was great news.

There was an “ah-ha” moment when I saw his profile online even before we met. I come from a family of lawyers who didn’t particularly like law and went on to other things.

Nancy Kelton (WSC ’69) is an essayist, an NYU writing professor, and an in-house “dating expert” for the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), helping to launch their new online dating site. I seem to get a lot of single and divorced women in my class actually. I wasn’t really “out there” in any way, except for my classes and different writing events. I’ve always been very cautious in terms of my dating life and being a single woman in NYC.

She was recently featured on NBC Nightly News, and is known for her essays, her articles in the New York Times and the Boston Globe, her blog (Love ‘n Stuff)—and also for successfully finding love through online dating. And when they start writing about bringing guys home, I can barely be a teacher. I was very careful online with regards to who I’d reach out to and who I’d respond to.

We just got back from a coffee “date” with Nancy at the Starbucks in Fayes where we talked about her experience using online dating and her work for the AARP. I wouldn’t let anyone come to my apartment to pick me up.

Can you talk about how you first started getting involved with online dating?

So AARP was putting together this dating site, and after seeing that I had written about online dating, I’d come to it late in life, and I was sort of a “success story,” they thought I could write essays for them and give advice online.

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