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A spokesman for the NMC said a substantial exodus of foreign recruits to countries such as the U.S., France and Germany, which are also suffering nurse shortages, would be a headache for NHS hospitals.

In previous years the most popular overseas destinations for nurses have been Australia, New Zealand, the U. An estimated 40,000 foreign staff have been recruited in recent years by British hospitals.

In Central London one in three nurses had trained abroad.

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Record numbers of nurses are leaving Britain to work abroad in search of better pay and affordable housing. There is evidence that Filipino nurses, who have been the target of big recruitment drives by NHS trusts and private care homes, are applying for jobs in America in the hope of making a better life.

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Fears are growing that many of the foreign recruits brought here to ease desperate Health Service staff shortages are among those quitting for other developed countries such as the U. The latest figures show a rise of almost 20 per cent in the number of foreign healthcare employers making checks on UK-based applicants, taking the inquiry rate to a ten-year high.

More than 6,000 checks were made in the year to March 2001, compared with 5,083 in the previous year, according to figures from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The number of nurses moving abroad for work has risen steadily in the past four years.

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