Novell webaccess not updating

Not sure what happened, but nobody can access webmail from the Internet anymore.

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Use these guidelines wherever possible in expanding systems or creating new systems, but temper their application with your experience and knowledge of your organization's unique computing environment. You may also refer to the many Novell partners for more information, tools, and services.

TODO: Provide a worksheet or at least an example showing how much each of these factors affect the requirements.

My guess is that it's a DNS issue, but first we have to make sure the serivice is up and functional and you're able to login. It was indeed a problem w/ webaccess itself, as was verified by our inability to access it internally. Incidentally, how would I uninstall/reinstall webaccess on the server? Unless you deal with these issues every day (like we typically do), it's just not worth the pain and frustration to troubleshoot.

Try it internally with the port number like192.168.100.05 or whatever port your have it on if not default. Turned out to be some horribly embedded stuff that took my tech about 2 1/2 hours to find, but he did find it. Uggh...makes me wonder what happened in the first place. This assumes the problem is within webaccess itself.

However, Novell Technical Services recommends as few as possible to limit the amount of admin traffic on the network.

Synchronization traffic increases as the number of domains increases.Well, webaccess is just a way of looking at mail - it has nothing to do with delivery of mail to your system via smtp. However, you say "from the internet" - can you access it from a host on the same net as your webmail server? Log into that machine and see if you can ping your POA and MTA.If your connectivity is fine, I personally would just uninstall and reinstall webaccess.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.This guide is based on the Group Wise 6.5 Best Practises Guide and is intended to carry out the promise of being the living document spoken of during the introduction.

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