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After creating these policies, you need to train all employees on the ways to prevent sexual harassment and how to report sexual harassment when it occurs.

Managers and supervisors are the front lines when it comes to managing employee performance and needs from work.

Employees need to understand that they have an obligation to report sexual harassment concerns to their supervisor, manager or the Human Resources office.

Only if your HR staff knows what is going on can they effectively address sexual harassment at work.

Innocent people have been wrongly accused and convicted of sexual harassment in the workplace.

So, be careful that you don't rush to get justice for the purported victim of sexual harassment and carefully investigate all claims.

In the current cultural environment, many accusations of past sexual harassment up to and including rape have been leveled at prominent people. Frequently, the abuser is a man with a powerful position from which he can negatively affect the careers of those who refuse the harasser's requests.

Secondly, for a variety of reasons, the harassed individuals have not requested help from the HR departments or managers of these powerful people.

Any form of harassment can create a hostile work environment including sexual harassment and how it is addressed.

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