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An investigation by The New York Times has found four settlements involving allegations of sexual harassment or defamation against Vice employees, including its current president.

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They worked at Vice, an insurgent force in news and entertainment known for edgy content that aims for millennial audiences on HBO and its own TV network.

But as Vice Media has built itself from a fringe Canadian magazine into a nearly $6 billion global media company, its boundary-pushing culture created a workplace that was degrading and uncomfortable for women, current and former employees say.

People involved with Vice during its early days described a punk-rock, male-dominated atmosphere in which attempts to shock sometimes crossed a line. In 2003 Vice reached a $25,000 settlement with the freelance writer Jessica Hopper. She said no and included that answer in her article.

The deal involved defamation claims tied to an interview she did with the rapper Murs that was published in the February 2003 issue of the magazine, according to a copy of the agreement viewed by The Times. But before the article was published, the magazine changed her response to yes and printed it under the headline, “I Got Laid But Murs Didn’t.”Mortified, Ms. The two sides struck a settlement that, in addition to a payout, required Vice to print a retraction and a formal apology.

She said that she faced other unwanted advances from Mr. Mojica derailed her career at Vice, according to letters sent between lawyers for the woman and Vice. Veltroni’s lawyers, Vice denied the allegations against Mr. Veltroni was trying to “recast her consensual and desired sexual relationship with her former supervisor” into a claim of harassment. Mojica said that he had “never retaliated against” Ms. Smith and another Vice founder, Suroosh Alvi, said in a statement: “From the top down, we have failed as a company to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone, especially women, can feel respected and thrive.“On Nov.

Veltroni and that he was not involved in the discussions with Ms. 30, after a report appeared in The Daily Beast on Vice’s culture, and aware that The Times was investigating its workplace, Vice announced that it had terminated three employees, including Mr.

Creighton, 45, paid 5,000 to a former employee who claimed that she was fired after she rejected an intimate relationship with him, according to people briefed on the matter and documents viewed by The Times. James did not respond to messages sent seeking comment.

The woman declined to comment and asked that she not to be identified to protect her privacy. A fourth settlement, struck in 2003, involved claims that Vice defamed a female writer by publishing that she had agreed to have sex with a rapper whom she had interviewed, when she had not.

Ashbrooke worked as vice president of human resources at Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax Films from 1991 to 2000.)Current and former employees disputed Ms. Kate Goss, a former project manager at Vice, said that in the summer of 2015 she reported an incident that occurred after a work event to her bosses and human resources. Ashbrooke told her there needed to be multiple incidents in order for her to take action against the other employee. Goss discussed the incident with a co-worker at the time, which The Times confirmed.

She said that on the Ferris wheel at Coney Island a creative director put her hand in his crotch without her consent. Abby Ellis, a former Vice journalist, said that in 2013 Mr. Ellis that because she was an attractive woman she would face similar behavior throughout her career. Ellis discussed the episode with several co-workers at the time, which The Times confirmed.“As women, we get harassed everywhere and we don’t feel compelled to report it because it’s not considered a reportable offense,” Ms. “We’re expected to put up with it; it’s the cost of doing business.”Mr. Donahue at the party, he did not “remember doing anything of the sort.”Ms.

It also forbade romantic relationships between supervisors and their employees — which several current and former employees said were not uncommon and led to many problems.

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