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The show was about high schoolers in a fictional Pittsburgh suburb trying to survive adolescence and the various crises of the day.

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Digi-destined as granted one Digimon buddy to lead them through the trials and tribulations of the Digital World. The show wasn't a leap forward in terms of quality for TV shows of its time. Many episodes were immediately succeeded by public service announcements featuring a member of the cast talking about the main "issue" from the episode.

It's like 's life was tragically cut short by ABC after just one season.

It's just a very stylish, well-directed program that makes Glasgow seem like the most wild, exciting place on Earth. Americans got our own dose of high-quality pay cable lesbian drama with Showtime's the zombie uprising has come and gone and thanks to new medicine the undead are now able to retain their consciousness and return to life as it was before "The Rising." Mostly anyway.

The citizens of Roarton naturally have a difficult time reintigrating the reformed zombies back into their lives after spending so much time hunting them.

Which is kind of funny because if you walk into any Hot Topic in present day, you'd assume We've got a lot of international representation on this list.

Quite simply you don't know about a TV show because it doesn't air in your country.

Ok, you may be aware of some - especially if you have a Hulu subscription and a healthy appetite for television.

But we're betting there are even some you may have missed along the way.

And it was one of the first series to use music as a real tool for both style and subtance.

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