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This situation is typically caused by changes in the way online services are handled in the different versions of Quicken.

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I am so sorry but it was actually a cache overload on my part. Yeah so my question then for you is does this mean I don't actually have to disable any non Debrid providers anymore?

That is and always was the most annoying thing to do, because sometimes they end up being full of debrid but take way to long to scrape, or the exact ooposite, among other factors.

I've reset cache and uninstalled reinstalled with no success.

Not sure what is going on but any help would be appreciated.

Sources I could be wrong though I didn't even bother sending the logs in my ignorant comment. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing for every head they cut off another one grows right back, like a serpent from Riverdale, except is actually doing a great service to America! So the debrid only doesn't actually disable scraping from non debrid sources.

All the scraping still remains the same but the list that is generated is filtered to only include debrid sources.

Wondering if anyone else is having an issue following the most recent update where incursion will no longer update the library in startup.

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