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"When he looked me in the eyes, I felt like he saw my soul." But the two 20-somethings didn't begin dating until several months later.

Once they began seeing each other, Nick and Kanae spent a lot of time talking by phone, Skype or other Internet connections.

"Nick had to explain to me how he functions from day to day.

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Taking time to is new and definitely takes an adjustment.

So is seeing things from each other's points of view rather than only your own." Nick says he and his wife are alike in many ways — they're both analytical and creative — so they don't run into a lot of conflict.

While speaking in Dallas, he noticed the Japanese-Mexican beauty in the crowd and had to force himself to look away from her.

She was captivated by his warm, compelling eyes, his deep faith and his passion for touching hearts and lives. "When I looked at Nick for the first time, of course I knew he had no arms and legs, but I was captured by how he came across," Kanae says.

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They also met each other's large families and allayed any concerns their loved ones may have held.

Nick pulled off a surprise proposal by using his mouth to slip a ring from inside an éclair and onto Kanae's finger while aboard a sailboat. From the beginning, Kanae has viewed Nick as highly .

"In marriage, you realize how selfish you can be," Nick says.

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