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Sure, there were a few good games that got in through greenlight, but those would almost certainly have been able to make it on steam anyway.

New Releases tab has been useless since like 2012 or whenever.

All of the creepy surroundings are manifestations of that.

I always like to head canon Salad fingers as living in a kinda of post apocalyptic version of our earth....he’s just reallly misunderstood.

Literally the least amount of effort for the largest amount of money. Doesn't mean we have to like it and pretend Valve hasn't changed. You've always been bound by the licensing terms when buying a software.

Don't mistake inability to enforce the license terms with ownership, which is a pretty common misconception.

And if it's harder for those people to work their way up on the market then it's harder for them to go and make good games next.

My game for reference you think it should be harder for small developers like me to get started with working their way up the market?

They have streamlined every game of theirs and every aspect of the Steam client.

They've been using the community to make content and then they sell it back to them.

Used to be able to see games 4 monts in advance in the "coming up" tab. Most shovelware is Windows-only, and most indie devs try to appeal to wide audiences (and often use game engines where exporting to Mac/Linux is easy). The Indie Game dream was a marketplace that managed to cater to consumers without the "negative" influence of companies like EA mangling the product or making demands that hurt the quality. My comment was only on the graphics style mentioned by the poster, and not really reflective of the shovelware and the graphics style of those games. I released my first game a few months ago and I made a decent amount of money (way over than what's needed to get the fee back) with it and now I can use that money to make a better next game.

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