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Commercial sexual exploitation of children and trafficking are two elements of the more pervasive problem of sexual abuse.

Printer-friendly version New Report Says Millions of Children are Sexually Exploited Launch at UN Headquarters GENEVA / NEW YORK, 12 December 2001 - UNICEF called today for a coordinated global effort to stamp out the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

"Millions of children throughout the world are being bought and sold like chattel and used as sex slaves," declared UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy.

Important recent treaties include the International Labour Organization Convention 182 passed in 1999 that bans the worst forms of child labour.

The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, passed in 2000, prohibits the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography.

And there must be alternatives that enable children and families to live in dignity.

Education is vital to preventing sexual exploitation of children.

In Cambodia, a UNICEF-supported programme rescued 148 victims from brothels, and 260 at-risk street children received recovery services and reintegration assistance.

In Albania, UNICEF works with a local non-governmental organization that runs reintegration classes for street children, 80 per cent of whom have been exploited in Greece or Italy.

Nevertheless, it is estimated that approximately one million children (mainly girls) enter the multi-billion dollar commercial sex trade every year.

As the following estimates reveal, this is a global issue: Children and women subjected to commercial sexual exploitation: 100,000 in the Philippines 400,000 in India 100,000 in Taiwan 200,000 in Thailand 244,000-325,000 in the United States 100,000 in Brazil 35,000 in West Africa 175,000 in Eastern & Central Europe ### For further information on the Yokohama Congress, preparatory consultations, and story/interview opportunities, contact Congress Media Advisor June Kane on: E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 41 22 328 27 85 (outside office hours: 41 79 695 64 88) fax: 41 22 329 03 10 For direct contact with UNICEF, please contact: Hans Olsen, Geneva Regional Office, tel: 41 , email: [email protected] Geldof, Geneva Regional Office, tel: 41 , email: [email protected] Topper, New York, tel 2, email: [email protected] Yokohama press accreditation: Broadcasters: A new B-roll videotape is available that highlights the commercial sexual exploitation of children and various programmes to prevent it.

"This is an utterly intolerable violation of children's rights." "Zero tolerance means ending the trafficking of children, their sale and barter and imprisonment and torture," Bellamy stated.

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