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Oh, and gestures for Kinect have finally been killed off for good.Most consoles should prompt you to update your console with the New Xbox One Experience automatically, but if yours hasn't made a peep yet, simply press the menu button and select 'Settings' from the pop-up list that appears. Depending on how robust your bandwidth is, NXE should take around 15-20 minutes to download and install.Up until now, jumping out of your game and into the menus was clunky, and the furthest thing from intuitive.

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Simply press the 'Xbox' button in the centre of the pad twice to bring up the panel on the left hand side of your screen.

Much like the pop-up guide back on Xbox 360, this panel provides instant access to the kind of options gamers normally look for mid-game, including Party Chat, your Friends list and more.

Now simply pull the right trigger and you'll instantly jump to My Stuff, where you'll find your Pins and all your favourite apps.

Sure, Microsoft has pulled a literal U-turn on its steadfast decision to not support backwards compatibility – but hey, who cares? Unlike Sony's Play Station Now service, which requires you to buy Play Station 3 games all over again, Xbox One enables you to play a steadily expanding list of Xbox 360 games, as long as you own a disc of said game or have a digital copy tied to your Gamertag.

Sadly, these features are largely absent now (although you can view a live feed of your Friends list at any time from the Xbox Guide panel).

Instead, the new Community page presents all the latest captures and achievements from your Friend's recent gaming activities.

In other words, if you're playing a game with competitive or cooperative multiplayer modes you'll be able to team up with players from PC-based servers.

The NXE also combines the Store and new content updates into one far more agreeable (and more importantly, simplified) version of the One Guide, and finally adds a new side pane that smacks of the second (and best) Xbox 360 dashboard.

Press the right trigger and you'll jump down to a nifty list of apps.

Each one, ranging from Amazon Instant Video to Blink Box, is presented with a list of on-demand film and TV highlights.

If your game is one of the 104 currently supported titles, your Xbox One will read the disc/original digital copy like an ID, then stream the content directly to your console.

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