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So, I don’t think online dating is a taboo any longer.

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“There’s plenty of waiting, and very few women are willing to engage.

Also, the profiles of people on these sites are rarely complete, and most aren’t prompt in replying,” he says.

For the longest time, marriages and relationships were facilitated by well-intentioned family members and friends.

Some lucky ones may have had chance encounters at an event or during an outing, or have Cupid strike at their workplace.

The same research also indicates that using this method in the search for a potential partner is no longer considered a taboo –– more people are doing it, more people are openly talking about it, and even more people are finding success with it.

Lawyer Kanika Singh met her now-fiancé, computer engineer Vishal Karnik, via a dating app.App-based dating, however, is yet to go full-throttle in India.With the country’s annual spending on marriage-related services standing at billion, according to KPMG — and with more than 100 million unmarried Indians aged between 18 and 35 — a growing number of entrepreneurs are betting that they can win a share of the spoils by pushing Indian courtship into the digital age.According to her, an unconventional medium allows an individual to be more open and accepting, thus paving the way for a real connection without any familial or social pressure.She says, “After a couple of hits and misses, I understood that the only way to have a real chance at a relationship was by being myself, and by trying to engage with the other individual. So, suddenly, on the fifth or sixth date, you realise that you are interacting with a stranger.” Another reason why more people seem to be going in for it, according to another survey, is that online dating tools work to the user’s level of comfort. From profiles that are web-based, app-based, swipe-based, substantive, and limited in nature, to those for LGBTQ, kinksters, seniors, and even farmers or beautiful people only — there’s something for everybody out there.Last month, a poll conducted by Consumers’ Research, an organisation founded in 1929, revealed that well over half of those who use online dating sites and apps say they have ended up in relationships for at least some period of time.

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