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For example, a server can indicate that a given cookie is intended for "secure" connections, but the Secure attribute does not provide integrity in the presence of an active network attacker.

Where some existing software differs from the recommended protocol in significant ways, the document contains a note explaining the difference.

Prior to this document, there were at least three descriptions of cookies: the so-called "Netscape cookie specification" [Netscape], RFC 2109 [RFC2109], and RFC 2965 [RFC2965].

User agents MUST implement the more liberal processing rules defined in Section 5, in order to maximize interoperability with existing servers that do not conform to the well-behaved profile defined in Section 4.

This document specifies the syntax and semantics of these headers as they are actually used on the Internet.

Although simple on their surface, cookies have a number of complexities.

For example, the server indicates a scope for each cookie when sending it to the user agent.Abstract This document defines the HTTP Cookie and Set-Cookie header fields.These header fields can be used by HTTP servers to store state (called cookies) at HTTP user agents, letting the servers maintain a stateful session over the mostly stateless HTTP protocol. To fully utilize the site's features it is necessary to use Netscape 2.02 or Internet Explorer 3.02 (or equivalent) or higher.For AOL users, the minimum browser version that supports the interactive features is 3.0.The person(s) controlling the copyright in some of this material may not have granted the IETF Trust the right to allow modifications of such material outside the IETF Standards Process.

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