Navigating the world of online dating

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Those who sound inconvenienced or annoyed when one reaches out to them or that only returns some calls or texts, should be avoided.

The experts say to avoid getting a broken heart or scammed, users should never give out money or donations and should report such a request or if they are harassed or sent offensive messages. There are plenty of online dating websites and lots more users to go with them.

And if one claims love within the span of a heartbeat and uses the words “faith” or “destiny,” it is usually a hoax, the online dating experts agree.

Those who want to move too quickly with the online dating process can likely be a scam artist.

Dating prospects wanting to leave the dating website immediately and use personal email or instant messages should be approached with much caution, according to Homeland Security’s On Guard

The experts say the opposite is also true, and that those who are impossible to get a hold of or to meet with in person, should also be avoided. Unavailable is not “The Guy” for users, according to e Harmony.

“I’ve met people who have said they’re interested in dating, and it’s not like I’m wanting to marry someone when I first meet them,” she said. She’s since given up on finding her mate with help from the Internet.

Despite not all online dating website users having the most upbeat experiences with the sites, the numbers don’t lie.

More than one-third of marriages between 20 started with a little help from the World Wide Web, according to a study conducted at the University of Chicago and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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