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Oh my golly, dear readers, you know about me and canes.

Just the mention of them gets me going, so the minutes spent bent over the stool, contemplating the inevitable, will send my anxieties skywards.

I can imagine straining to hear the final clink of cup on saucer, and the sound of Mar Qe rising from his chair and entering the room, cane in hand.

Just imagine that smooth, soft bottom in the picture, receiving the 24 full strokes of the cane I have been warned to expect.

Of course many go on to marry a millionaire or end up becoming a Duchess, but in my case the result will be rather more uncomfortable.

In the course of being a contributor to the Mar Qe's Study website, Marqe and I exchange a number of emails.

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Certain of my wittycisms have been absolute corkers, giving your favourite girl a real laugh as they winged their way across cyberspace.

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