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Everyone will need to be running to the middle when the knockdown occurs and stack on top of her.

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Healers should spread out in 3 points on the platform to so most players are within range of 2 healers at minimal. They deal a ton of damage but they are fairly easy to avoid so no one should be hit by it.

Axes When the mage says “My armory has a mind of its own” or “I can’t stop my armory from growing” etc, she will spawn Conjured Axes (usually 2 at a time).

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If the Mage is close to 30%, you can probably just ignore the add and push the Mage down to 30% which will cause the add to disappear.

30% Transition Once she reaches 30% HP, she will does four consecutive knockdowns.

Raid will not need to kill these axes but the tank will need to grab them away from the raid (our tank usually pick a corner on the platform to hold them).

If the axe escapes the tank, whoever get attacked will need to be blocking their heavy attacks or they may risk getting one shot.

Aetherian Archive is one of the two 12 player trials introduced with Craglorn. There is no lockout for trials but you only get 36 rezzes for your entire trial death.

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