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It helps us to figure out which wines to buy more of and to tailor the wines we recommend to suit your preferences.

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If you manage to find similar wines or wines made by the same winemakers or wines made from the same fruit, they will typically be much more expensive.

Because Angels finance these wines and promise to drink them all up, winemakers are able to sell it at the true cost without marketing costs and other worries. If you have several bottles of the same wine that you want refunding, please don't open them as we'll come and collect them.

and we'll sort it out for you within 30 days of your order. The percentage is the number of customers who’d definitely come back for more, over the number of customers who have left a rating.

The rating starts afresh every vintage, to help you identify a particularly good year!

You can hover to see how the previous vintages were rated in comparison.

After you've tried a wine, remember to give it a thumbs up (or down) to let us know whether you'd buy it again.

We are happy for the driver to leave your wine in a safe place if you're not home so just be clear in your instructions to avoid going thirsty! Because we try to deliver very promptly, it isn't always possible to cancel the delivery. But you can refuse to accept the wines when they arrive (just tell the delivery person to return the wines to sender).

If there isn't anywhere safe to leave your order, you can also tell us not to leave the wine without a signature. Yes, but make sure the person is over 18 and that they'll sign to receive it. During checkout, we'll verify that we can ship the wine to the address you're sending it to. as soon as possible and we will attempt to cancel it for you and give you your money back. We’ll refund your money when the wine arrives back at the warehouse. If you have several bottles of the same wine that you want refunded, please leave them unopened as we'll come and collect them. This is our “buy it again” rating – a quick and easy way to see how popular a wine is.

Plus it's a great way to show your work colleagues that you are supporting Australian winemakers!

Most of you will have your wine carefully delivered by our friends at Fastway Couriers.

In return, they receive wholesale prices; free wine and a whole lot more. Your money builds up until you want to buy some wine. Cancelling your Angel status is easy (although we’d rather you didn’t!

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