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Although I hadn’t yet read I had to introduce myself.

Neil was extremely gracious and soft-spoken and he gave me his assistant’s email address.

Having established that women are stupid and awful for supposedly preferring men that are bad for them, the PUAs then go on to argue that it’s OK to treat women like garbage.

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identified as an “incel,” which means “involuntarily celibate,” a term that was developed on web-based bulletin boards devoted to PUA enthusiasts that weren’t finding much luck getting laid.

His theories about what “women” are thinking and why they are denying him the sex he felt entitled to came straight out of the theories of mating and dating that underlie the entire concept of PUA.

In this podcast, I highlight the classical mistakes guys make,and how to correct them in order to seduce the girl or get her more attracted to you.

this past weekend on the plane ride home from New York. Nearly 400 pages that went down as if they were 100.

which is why a site called PUAhate, which Rodgers was a frequent contributor to, emerged.

Members of PUAhate, by and large, are men who bought wholesale into the PUA ideology, only to find it doesn’t work for them.As we were leaving the bar, we looked over and saw “Mystery,” all 6’5″ of him, adorned in an ostentatious hat and a big gold heart shaped locket, waiting at the valet.Next to him was Neil Strauss, who had to be about 5’5″ and 130 pounds soaking wet.The argument is that women are programmed to overlook “nice guys”, sometimes called “betas,” who are gentlemanly and kind and and instead are drawn to cocky assholes who mistreat them, usually nicknamed “alphas,” Often, women are accused of “friend zoning” the betas, exploiting them for companionship and gifts while getting sexual satisfaction from the alphas.(It’s taken as a given that “alphas” are bad men who can’t treat a woman right and “betas” are nice, though the seething misogyny of many self-identified betas gives lie to that notion.) There’s no scientific evidence to support this theory, but since it allows adherents to believe themselves to be unimpeachable victims and to blame women for their loneliness, it remains wildly popular, so much so that men seeking non-misogynist dating advice cannot find it in a sea of PUA literature.Young men angry at women for supposedly overlooking their charms for less worthy and more brutish sexual rivals existed long before was published or PUA/MRA forums proliferated online.

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