More accommodating

They could not be any further away from the man on the beach.

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I started by contacting five small resorts around Europe with an email stating I am a single guy who wants to book a weeks holiday at their resort. Even if you have a no singles policy you never know when this single naturist may get a naturist partner and you will have already lost their custom.

One resort responded with a generic no as we have a no singles policy, I suppose we should be happy they made the effort to reply, but two resorts did offer me accommodation one for the dates I requested and the other offered alternative dates as they were full for my chosen dates.

I managed to talk Samantha into visiting a naturist resort with me and told her it was a managed resort so nobody would be misbehaving.

As it was one of our first visits to a resort we thought that it would be just couples and families, but to our surprise there were a few single males on the site.

We unfortunately became victim to the single male at a beach in the UK many years ago when a guy decided it would be OK to openly masturbate next to my wife while we were resting on the beach.

This was one of Samantha’s first experiences of naturism and could quite easily have put her off for life.

The Hotel Florida has familiar conduction for three generations, it is located in a pleasant and calm residential area of Sorrento, little distant from local railway station, less than 1.5 Km from historical center of Sorrento.

To make its position among other things contributes the availability of a private car parking.

Talking seems to be the last point of communication these days, but we feel this is the best way for us to find out if our resort is suitable for you. The perverts soon drop the guard and start asking inappropriate questions like “Are you naked right now”” being top of the list!! Well I feel the single guys seem to be discriminated against. I was going to become a single male naturist and try and book a naturist holiday on my own.

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