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From her troubled relationship with her ex-husband and other lovers, to the tragic misfortune that falls upon her family, Mildred is quite a fighter, no matter how many ridiculous antics are thrown her way.

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From your own to those of a fictional existence, all of the moms of the world each play a critical role in the story of our lives, or in the tales of our favorite pieces of media.

They inspire the hero, teach them the fundamental building blocks of life, and energize them to continue on their own personal journeys – all the while being their own special brand of magical, smart individuals (or being terrifying villains of the horror sort, but that’s for another list.) So with a certain mother themed holiday having just passed, along with the momma-positive flicks now in theaters, it is definitely time to celebrate some of the best moms in cinematic history.

Sure, her tiny circle glasses and perfectly 90s bangs may full you into thinking she’s just another mousy individual – but underneath all of that, this is a business-savvy, smart, glamorous woman – who just also happens to be a wonderful, pasta making, supportive momma.

Annie makes it onto this list for not only being a superhero to those who have been screwed over by their ex-husbands, but she also represents a shift in culture – where mothers of the 90’s were having to make the choice of accepting their kid for who they were or facing the consequences.

And regardless of how many times I (and my own mother) watch this movie, the lessons that members teach us as an audience never goes away – making them a team that definitely needed a spot on this list.

I think it would be a crime among crimes for me to not include this animated beauty on the list.

But when push comes to cinematic shove, Lucy stands above the rest, simply because of all the insanity she has to go through to get her unconventional happy ending.

Yeah, she might have not realized right away that she was dating an actual (non-When you combine all that, plus her awesome fashion sense, humor, and willingness to deal with all of the over-the-top men in her life (along with their strange choice in home decor – have you seen that erotic Rob Lowe poster?

An-Mei’s story of knowing your own worth, Ying-Ying’s tale of the losing your spirit, Lindo’s lessons of retaining your strength – all of their stories (along with their daughter’s) matter.

And though I (as an Irish-American individual) might not understand the struggles of the characters exactly, the brilliance of this movie and these mothers is that you don’t need to be Chinese to grasp the emotions of their journeys.

The character of Mildred (created by author James M.

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