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From 15 to 19 November I'll be in Brazil, where I'm invited to give a talk at the 33rd São Paulo Biennial.

I'll be speaking on perception and attention as natural phenomena.

Julius Caesar intended to start a campaign against the Dacians, due to the support that Burebista gave to Pompey, but was assassinated in 44 BC.

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Rodolfo Garau and I will be completing a full translation of Pierre Gassendi's ' Logic', Part Two of the (1658) by the end of July.

We will be circulating it to Gassendists, Latinists, and other interested parties at the beginning of August, with an eye to submission for publication at Oxford University Press by the end of the year.

The first will be for the doctoral students in the IHUM program, and is entitled, "Experiments in Artificial Human Intelligence." The second will be in the Philosophy Department, and it will be on Leibniz on species and teleology.

5 and 6 October I will be back in France, hosting a conference I've co-organised with Noga Arikha, taking place at Columbia University's Reid Hall in Paris, on "The Tripartite Soul in the History of Philosophy and Medicine." We've put together an eclectic mix of scientists, physicians, historians of philosophy, and littérateurs, including a number of people whose work I admire very much, not least Siri Hustvedt and Katie Tabb.

I want to volunteer within the United States, even if I am not physically there.

Some 42,000-year-old human remains were discovered in the "Cave With Bones" which is some of the oldest evidence of modern humans found in Europe, so it is possible it is from the first modern humans to have entered the continent.At the end of October I will be participating in a conference at the University of Halle on the philosophy of Anton Wilhelm Amo.This event is largely the result of the incredible organisational work of Dwight Lewis, a doctoral student at the University of South Florida and at Emory.Stephen Menn and I will be completing a full translation of Anton Wilhelm Amo's two treatises, (1734) and the so-called ' Meiner Dissertation' (1734), by late October, in time for the Halle Amo conference (see below), as well as a draft of our introduction tracing out his biography, his intellectual context, and his legacy.We hope to submit this work for publication in 2019.* I am aware that the world is in severe crisis, and some would say that this is no time to be dithering with such trifles as I have outlined.

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