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In addition to Arlene Phillips managing the choreography, Gary Barlow was heavily involved in providing the score of Britannia High.

Guy Chambers, Steve Mac, Andy Hill, Mark Owen, James Bourne and Elliot Kennedy also contributed to the musical component of the show.

His parents died when he was eight years old and he has a brother, Julius, who died during the episode 'Go Your Own Way'.

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Thinks he's trying to be cool by having "Jez" for a nickname for his real name, Jeremy.

Jez comes from a very rich background, and eventually admits to his father that he attends Britannia High rather than a business school as his father had thought.

The cast, however, are of the opinion that Britannia High is, "Something new and it's British." Britannia High was based on an idea by Strictly Come Dancing choreography judge Arlene Phillips and theatre impresario David Ian, who were both executive producers for the show.

It was developed by producer Gareth Philips for ITV Productions in Manchester.

The show featured an original soundtrack which was created by a team of pop producers and writers in the UK, led by Take That member Gary Barlow.

The show has been compared to the popular musicals High School Musical and Fame.

In episode 3, Jez's father remarks that his son is gay, which Jez himself confirms in both episode 7 (after the group find out that Ronnie said she and Jez were dating) and episode 8 (after being kissed by Ronnie).

BB (real name Trevor, according to Ronnie's documentary 5) considers himself to be the UK's answer to Jamie Foxx, but is actually the most grounded and mature of all the students.

In addition to the main cast, the series featured cameo performances from Girls Aloud, Boyzone, Matt Willis and Gemma Bissix.

Also, Aston Merrygold, lead singer of hit boy band JLS, auditioned for the role before his success in the band - but only made it to the final 16.

George Ure, who attended Mountview Academy, also auditioned before his success in the musical Wicked where he played Boq.

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