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Different from dating services, dating agencies, or online dating sites, Elegant Introductions, works with a select number of VIP clients for Elite Matchmaking.

We go above and beyond simple introductions, offering an experienced dating coach to accompany you on your new adventure.

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Millionaires dating agency boca

“She most likely will want the money, then.” I paused, Rolodexing in my head the range of the newly wed and nearly dead.

As I gave the hand signal for the check, I thought of a few years’ divorced friend who could use a chatelaine for his manor, and she was an ideal prospect.“Oh yes, I think I have a good old-fashioned septuagenarian billionaire in Palm Beach for her.

Seducing younger men works out well for one rock star’s ex-wife I know, who prefers bedroom sizzle over an eight-figure net worth. “If there’s a man close by, it’s affirmation, and it’s exciting for them.

Over lunch at Da Silvano, she professed to not care about money, which apparently is a British thing. I have seen women relatively happy for a period in this arrangement.”When finances aren’t important—but sex isn’t either—another option is “the warm body,” a common choice among the older set that also has its appeal for the career woman.

Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best.

Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best Matchmaker for you.

Barths.“I wake up in a cold sweat that I’m only going to be able to afford a white brick building on 57th Street or a four-bedroom in the Financial District,” my wife’s friend lamented outside spin class.

“Getting divorced is bad enough; the real estate downgrade is the final straw.”Contrary to popular misconception, just divorcing a rich man doesn’t necessarily leave one set for life.

While we had no formal training as relationship experts, we just implicitly understood that if women understood men better, they’d have a better shot at closing the deal.

Knowing your audience is always key, whether personally or professionally, and we offered advice on topics from hygiene to foreplay.

Their customized service is the reason I am so happy I found them.”“Barbara and Nancy did a great job getting to know me.

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