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After being sexually abused by a male relative, she moved to Richardson County, Nebraska and began to live entirely as a male. On December 15th, Brandon was jailed for forging checks and his girlfriend, Lana, bailed him out.

She became friends with two ex convicts John Lotter and Marvin “Tom” Nissen. Because Brandon was in the women’s section of the prison, Lana discovered her true sex.

She told her story to the papers and petitioned for a military pension which was, surprisingly, granted. Petter Hagberg (Brita Nilsdotter) was born in 1756 in Finnerödja, Sweden.

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She was awarded a medal of bravery and given a military funeral.

Albert Cashier was born Jennie Irene Hodgers in 1843. Cashier managed to remain undetected as the other soldiers thought she was just small and preferred to be alone.

The story of Brandon Teena became the subject of the Academy award winning film, Boys Don’t Cry. James Gray was born Hannah Snell in 1723 in Worcester, England.

As a child she played soldiers, but was otherwise seen as a normal young girl.

She traveled to Portsmouth and joined the Royal Marines.

She was sent in to battle twice, during which time she was wounded 11 times in the legs and once in the groin.

Teena Brandon was born in 1972 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a child she was regarded as a tomboy and everyone called her Brandon.

In 1744 she married James Summs, and two years later gave birth to a daughter.

Within a year her daughter had died and her husband had deserted her.

According to Lana she stopped “dating” Brandon at this time.

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