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I am a single mother of two small children ages 1/1/2 and 2/1/2 so they take up a great deal of my time.

As a single mum whose son is now an adult and on his own, I happen to AGREE with you, OP. I NEVER went out there looking for some bloke to be a parent to my child.

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" I was like, honey, I barely know you, and how the **** do you expect me to make a decision? We all get that you hate kids and would rather have your skin peeled and be boiled in oil over having any .

But try to see things from another persons perspective sometimes, okay?

But my son was my priority, and I did NOT have any live-in relationships.

Women who put their needs and desires over their kids' stability and who are actively looking for a "daddy" for their kids are making a big mistake, IMO. There are VERY few men who can and WANT to step into a stepparent's role and forcing the issue leads to heartache. and 2) because other guys thought she was hot too and they just wanted to bang her a few times and move on. She was tired of getting banged and then guy moves on cuz he doesn't want to be daddy, so she is being up front about it from now on.

I figured there would be plenty of time after my son was grown to meet a partner for myself. Why did she say "we have to make a decision handle me and my son" ??? By the time you are 32, the vast majority of hot single women will have been married and popped out a kid or two.

You can accept that and play daddy, or you can go bang fugly.

You did the right thing for YOURSELF by walking away - neither of you is right or wrong, it just is what it is. Sorry about being insensitive but I lately I have come across a few broads who expect a man like me, 32, single, no children to basically put a hold on his personal life and be a Dad to their children while Dad is nowhere to be found.

I met a girl a few weeks ago and after I came to her house for the first time, she was all like "Well, we have to make a decision now, can you handle me and my son? It would be less of a nightmare if: ..had joint custody and kid was only with her 3 days of the week.

Why in the HELL would anybody sign up for something like this?

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