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(where the mop hits) I’m sure the HVAC and grease traps are contributing factors. Piketon is located in Pike County Ohio which is in the southern part of the state of Ohio.

If you would like some means or knowledge on how to correct these issues don’t hesitate to contact me. Some towns nearby that don’t have a Cracker Barrel are Jackson, Ohio; Chillicothe, Ohio and Waverly, Ohio.

It tasted like it had been just dumped from the can and heated and dipped on our plates. Also about a year ago I stopped at this same store and had to send my food back because it was very under cooked and I was not the only person who was sending their food back that day.

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I have eaten at other Cracker Barrel stores and the food was really tasty.

It also took me forever to find this link to send you a message. I always spend over a hundred dollars on your new baby clothes fot my great granddaughter.

I have purchased so muxh stuff from your establishment also food. My granddaughter told me to send this letter and maybe you can do something about that dress. The table was by the wall and the ledge was so dirty you could have wrote your name in it.

Thank tou so muxh for taking the time to listen Reply I went to the Cracker Barrel on 52th in St. The picture frames and decorations were filthy and I spoke with the manager and expressed my concern that if the dining area was that dirty what did the kitchen look like.

There is a large property for sale at the south end of Piketon that would be perfect for Cracker Barrel to build a store.

Many, many cars and trucks go up and down Route #23 and east and west on Route #32. I called and placed order with raymond and was told order would be ready in 10 to 15 minutes at the most.If you are going to advertise, don’t show the chicken so that people are wanting that and they can’t get it. I wouldn’t go to your restaurant when you start doing that. Now, not that I think the phone business was that busy, but, inadequate staff who did not want to take orders.I base this on two previous orders I had placed when I was give the wrong food the first time, drove home and 20 minutes later had to return.Again, handing bill out immediately after food delivered to table with be a HUGE improvement on service. Reply How could I contact someone about cracker barrel in Lagrange KY?I am an ex employee I quit due to management not being good the managers like to cuss at there employees and like to make there employees come into work sick we had our GM come in sick with the flu and spread it around to some others he also was cooking while he was sick with the flu they like to cut hours short and go back in and change the schedule without telling the employee and while we are doing truck on Friday mornings the gm was told to be outside while we unloaded but he made other employees do it there once was an incident where they made me stay beyond my scheduled time to leave and we have had a manager cook without wearing a hair net he is out for surgery now but they did things they told us not to do and one of the managers came to the dishroom and told me and two others his 6 yr old could work faster than we do also me my uncle and dad went to eat there one day we had to wait two hours for our food then we got our food and not all of it was there and the food tastes horrible then we found a manager and told him and he got all smart and hateful with us anyways if like to address the issues Reply I have gone to Cracker Barrel @237 two times in the last two months and was hot happy with the quality or taste of the food both times. My son was with me on both visits and neither of us liked the taste of the food.Cracker Barrel was founded in 1969 by Dan Evins near Lebanon, Tennessee as a way to improve gasoline sales for Shell Oil. Today, there are over 600 locations in 42 US states.

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