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But fulfilling the roles of both dad and mum to them (DH instigated all the sports, and each of them being at a different school) has helped me to feel a little more control, right from when DH was diagnosed. Cabrinha - Funny how time appears when it's really needed .I don't know if your boyfriend would agree, but at a young widow/ers group I attended a few times, we discussed how in some ways it is easier to think about finding love again, having been widowed rather than divorced.I didn't think about him romantically before we met - mainly I think, because I'm too busy to think about anything much beyond my kids and my work.

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Some people there had lost their second spouse, having been divorced from the first.

And they expressed how a divorce affected their confidence in a way that being widowed didn't.

There were a lot of people there, and I'm not gregarious (especially as this was the first big event I've gone along to since everything, and am still receiving some awkward condolences) and he clearly is outgoing. I've done no work since the school run this morning, just written a list of all the reasons why pursuing this would be a bad idea.

But we ended up chatting in a corner for nearly an hour, couldn't stop talking. He's so tall, and his eyes are so blue, and I'd forgotten how nice it is to smell an attractive man, and listen to a deep voice... Then we were interrupted and chatted to other people, though I kept looking over and seeing him smiling at me. I had to leave to catch last train home while event was in full swing, and was too shy to go over and say goodbye. (He doesn't have kids, and is I think a few years younger than me.

I shall watch with interest Just email him and ask if he would like to meet for a drink. I was a Mof H this weekend for my widowed friend who married a widower - it was a very emotional day but watching them made me even more certain we have to cease the moment. I kind of had 2 years in my head as the 'right' time. I mean this in the most respectful way, because I am very sorry for your loss, but it is almost a compliment and a testimony to the wonderful relationship you had with your husband that you are thinking about love again. When life has dealt you such a blow the idea of feeling joy and excitement again seems very elusive. I think it's because DH and I got together so young, we were always 'the couple' in our friendship group, IYSWIM?

The 1 year anniversary was awful, so I thought I'd get past the 2nd year point and then think about romance stuff. So don't feel bad about it, enjoy this for what ever it will be, maybe fleeting or maybe long term. The fact that you felt such a thrill on that evening is incredibly promising. So now no-one can think of me as anything but Mrs DH.

I haven't been active on mn for a while, but I find myself with no-one IRL to ask. Also, like they might judge me for thinking about this so soon. We were together for 18 years, right from Uni, married for 15. (Both freelancers in creative fields who work on several projects at a time - this is the only one where our involvement overlaps.) This particular project is very personal to me, as it touches on loss and grief, and our e-conversations became quite deep and I felt like we clicked, and would perhaps become friends.

But I feel stupid for being so uncertain about this. I've become close to someone over the past 6 weeks while emailing about a project we're both involved with in different ways.

I really don't think that 16 months after your husband's tragic death (am so sorry), is too soon for you to dip your toe into the water. It could possibly do wonderful things for your confidence, the man involved is clearly interested, you don't have to involve your children at all.

It could be the start of something wonderful for you (I have to say that I have almost fallen in love with him from your description ). Then DD came in and I slammed down the lid on laptop! I want to know his DOB - I think I'm 2- 4 years older than him.

But right now, as you said, he is making you smile and I am sure you deserve that. And to discover that he felt it too, what a beautiful thing! You're all very brave about sending emails suggesting drinks! My friends who didn't know DH so well are either work related (it's a small industry, and don't want to risk anything I say getting back to the man in question) or DC-schoolmates-parents (ditto my kids). I found my counsellor (who I recently stopped seeing, but maybe I need to book another session) and the DC's excellent grief counsellor, through them. He seems like a great bloke and you sound like a lovely lady so in my 'umble opinion just go for it! My first wife took her own life and as tragic as that was she was at peace after an awful illness and a while after she died i found a bit of paper that she had scribbled on whilst in hospital, and I've never been so annoyed that its got lost as it went something like;"If anything should happen to me please mourn my passing, please remember me for who i was to you.

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